Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spray Paint The Old, to get In with the New.

I wanted to new bedroom, but with out all the spending.Soo.. I decided to try taking what I have and making it what I want. 
This is before picture of a nightstand, that is totally out dated. Check out that fancy "gold plated" outlines, oooo baby bling bling! And the fake wood covered something..
To paint two of these, I bought about 4 or 5 cans of semi-gloss black spray paint from Home Depot. It was about $2.89 per can. I then lightly sanded the shine off the nighstand. I did try to spraypaint without the sanding, and it seemed to work fine. However, to make sure to prevent any bubblying or future peeling, I took the safe way and sanded them (doesn't take long anyway). 
I also took off the hangles as I won't be using them, and just threw them to the curb. I taped magazines on the inside so when I sprayed after I took the drawers out, the inside wouldn't get black as well. You don't haaave to do this, since no one will see the inside anyway, but if you want to make it a cleaner look.

Me likeey!

Yaaayyyyyyy!! After!!!  I didn't put the bottom drawer in so you can see the inside was taped/masked off giving it a sorta clean look. I spray painted about 3-4 coats, lettting the first two dry few min's in betwen and I actually did the last 2 coats the next day;  I read this works better.
One side for some reason wasn't smooth and bublled so I had to sand it again after two coats, made it smooth, and sprayed 3 coats over again.
Simple, on the budget side, new handles.
I know the paint looks perfect on the picture but it isn't really all thaaat perfect; still very pleased with the results. Under $32 bucks for two new, modern, nighstands beats it all!

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